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Denise Reicher Custom Baby Art Project Listing

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Denise Reicher Custom Baby Art Project Listing

1/4 Thick Basswood hard wood board approximately 12X20. Stained with a deep ebony stain and sealed with a flat sealant on the front and back of the board.  
The Oh Joy and Dancer would be 1/8" laser cut Basswood that is then painted white with a chalk paint for a flat non reflective texture. Giving the piece a dimension the orignal was lacking. The baby's name would be hand painted using a custom cut stencil and a second layer of flat sealant will be added to lock it in .
Notches will be added to either side of the board to set the twine and clothes pin effect we will then staple the twine to the back to keep it in place after it is tied and knotted keeping a seamless floating effect to the twine and picture  

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