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Diane Smith Custom Business Sign Project Final Payment

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Diane Smith Custom Business Sign Project

Round Pine Base that is white washed and treated to hold up to the salt water environment.  The mermaid and lettering will be built from semi transparent acrylic  The crab will be made from stained cherry wood.  All other embellishment will be made from un stained cherry hardwood.  Mounting hardware will be attached and a final seal will be applied to the whole sign to help protect it from the elements.  (We do recommend treating it at the end of every season with a light flat spray sealant to keep it nice year after year moisture and salt are not kind to wood) 

Lettering spacing on final project will be adjusted to accommodate and fit to the circle better other then that we will keep to your logo as close as humanly possible.

Below you will find swatches of all the colors and materials being used to create the logo on the white washed pine     

Let me know if you have any questions  



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