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All the Colors Mix Together To Grey - Sound Wave, Slat Wall Art

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Inspired, soundwave homemade, wood, wall art. Laser cut for precision and hand stained and built. Laser engraved onto 1/4in White Oak hardwood. They are a decor piece that is truly one of a kind!!! This a Bohemian Art, Style peice is both minimalistic and unique using a clean design. Prefect as a Anniversary Gift, valentines day present, custom wedding gift or even an engagement gift. These wood crafts are so cool they could be a gift for any occasion or why be a gift at all. These handmade decor, wood crafts are not to be passed up they are not only awesome conversation pieces but the ultimate statement for music lovers and art lovers alike.

Each one is laser cut to be a representation of the songs soundwaves. That is right! It is the sound wave of the song. Every song has its special meaning in your heart. Some more then others, now you can have the music become more then audible art but beautiful visual art as well.

Designed to be displayed in a museum style mount

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