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Industrial style 3D Sound Wave Art

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All the soundwave art we make is orignal and one of a kind but this piece takes one of a kind to a whole new level.  Each piece starts with a wood burned plywood backing and frame but that is where the similarities will end.   You Provide us the MP3 or MP4 for your song.  We will do the rest once we render the wavelength we then interpret it using reacclimated wood pieces of varied sizes cuts and colors each bar of the wavelength is hand cut to size to work with the piece vertically but we retain the shape, bows and unique depth for each piece. Making a truly one of a kind art work piece.  The name of the song will be engraved on the bar that stands out the best on the over all piece. 

While you can attach your file directly to this purchase we ask to avoid file compression you also email the file to: 

*** Please send your audio file to us through email to**** (we will send you a digital proof within 72 hours of receiving the audio file. 

Each one is made to order and can be framed in 2 styles or if you want you can purchase it unframed We can ship them in 1 to 2 weeks. However, we strive to get them out ahead of schedule every time.

Final Dimensions will approximately be : 12 X 24 X 2in (varies due to the wood used in the art)

We Love What We Do

We hope you love it too. We work hard to bring you designs you can't get anywhere else. If you don't see what you are looking for, or if you have a concept you would like to see brought to life let us know. We can get it done for you.