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Oh Great Light of Love Menorah Design

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Each of our hand made solid wood menorahs are made from Solid Walnut and White Oak precision laser cut and hand stained, treated and assembled with care.  Every Menorah is fitted with 9 solid brass cups attached with solid brass screws. Final weight is almost 2lbs of solid wood.  We treat the wood with bees wax to make it easy to peel off the wax.   We recommend re treating them every season to keep them in their best condition.  Final Dimensions are 10.5" X 5.5" X 1.5 Wide and each one features a slightly raised Shamash candle 

(Menorahs look the same one both sides.)

Oh Great Light of Love is a dual layer design with the words engraved in the White Oak and The coffee rings are laser cut from the Walnut Face. 

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