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The elements, wood wall art, home decor

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The elements, wood wall art. Each abstract wall art, disk represents one of the four elements. Earth, Wind, Water and Fire. Each disk in this wall art set is made from sustainably sourced US milled wood. Sustainably is so important to us at DMSC designs we are makers at heart and always have been and it makes it so much more enjoyable when the wood we are working with is made here in the USA, and environmentally sound. This Boho wall art is prefect for a housewarming gift, and will appeal to both a gift for him and a gift for her.

We are happy to offer these home décor pieces in two different sizes:

Available in 5." disks and 9.5" disks

Note: Sizing can vary by a few CM to achieve the best cut based on the wood grain patterns. Each piece of wood is unique just like our art we always try to capture the very best pattern the wood can give us.

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